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Information for Parents 

How do I support my daughter / son's diploma prep and buy practice diploma exams?

There are two ways to purchase practice diploma exams for your daughter or son:

1) Your daughter or son can login (or sign-up and login if they do not yet have an account) and click on 'PURCHASE EXAMS' at the top of the page. From there, they select an exam they need to purchase and add it to the shopping cart.

Upon checking out you will be taken to a secure payment gateway where you can then buy exams on all major credit cards. They can then take this exam, pause this exam, and login and see results of exams already purchased and taken, as many times as they wish!

2) You, as a parent, can sign-up. You can then login and purchase exams, and pass this information (exams purchased) and login information (login and password) to your daughter or son. Essentially, this is kind of like a 'family' account if used as such.

Similar to the steps above, Upon checking out you will be taken to a secure payment gateway where you can then buy exams on all major credit cards. After successfully purchasing exams you will be taken to the exam centre where your daughter or son can take thier exam, pause the exam, and see results of exams already purchased and taken, as many times as they wish!

Alternatively, you, as a parent, could control this account more directly by signing-up, and logging in when your child requests / is present, and purchase and begin exams at that point in time.

If you decide to sign-up for an account as a parent, you can control how you distribute your login and password for this account to your daughter or son.


Our secure server payment gateway provides an easy and convenient way to purchase your study materials. We are able to accept all major credit cards.

Sample Checkout

Does your product come with a Guarantee?

Yes! If you don’t pass a diploma exam written during the January diploma exam sittings between January 20th, 2014, and January 30th, 2014, for any course or subject that you have bought an ExamRoot practice exam for, contact ExamRoot at to initiate the refund process for the ExamRoot product that you purchased to prepare for the course, in which you did not receive a diploma exam mark of over 50%. Proof official diploma mark for the exam that the student did not receive 50% in, will be required to receive a refund. 

Who makes and reviews the exam questions?

ExamRoot questions are made by Alberta teachers with experience in teaching the course and writing for the questions in which they are contracted to make questions. All questions go through an ongoing, quality control process by teachers with a knack for making high quality, valid exams. A practice exam written today, could likely be better in even a few days!

Why is ExamRoot a better choice?

All ExamRoot diploma practice exam questions have been created with each question blueprinted to a specific course outcome - like a real diploma exam.

We endeavour to match the look and feel of an actual diploma exam.

English and Social Studies Part B Exams have sources such as political cartoons and fitting passages, and look and feel closer to what an English or Social Studies, Part B diploma exam will be like.

ExamRoot is a start-up, Alberta based venture that in a very short time has compiled an impressive quantity and quality exam items that are: original, copyright compliant, fresh, and made by Alberta teachers.

Throughout the January diploma period and towards the end of the school year, ExamRoot will be constantly seeking excellence, refining their current question database, and adding more. Consistently. Relentlessly. Always in pursuit of better - better for students.

We run our exams on industry leading software that provide students with better post exam functionality.

In summary: 

  • Every question is tied to a specific curricular outcome – part of your post exam report
  • Designed to be like an actual diploma exam – a full rehearsal before the live performance; a full on scrimmage before game day
  • English multiple choice readings and questions – you can study for Part B and ExamRoot can help!
  • Social Studies multiple choice exams with cartoons and other visual sources.
  • Access and review exams after completion – see the questions and curricular outcomes you find difficulty with
  • Pause exams and log back in when you want to.
  • Continually increasing question quantities and refining our robust database – no dusty, regurgitated, not-quite-right looking questions
  • Get that grade you need. Get the diploma practice exam source. ExamRoot.
  • Comprehensive rationales for each question – some rationales feature ‘common student mistakes’ and explain why alternative answer selections are not the best answer.

Why is it that the exams and software look more attractive, and provide more options – like post exam reports that can be continually revisited – unlike other online, diploma exam prep services?

ExamRoot partners with industry leaders in online testing to provide users with the most effective and seamless, user experience. We also hold ourselves to high standards that we constantly evaluate and set at even greater levels of excellence. 

Can I see what questions look like and what it's like to take an exam?

For sure. Easy! Just click the blue "Try our Demo" button on the home page! You can also sign-up for our question of the day by clicking sign up now! This is fun, and we also give away prizes through this ExamRoot feature!

Is this site run by the Government?

ExamRoot supports students, parents, teachers, and anyone else supporting student achievement on government issued, diploma exams. We have a wide range of supporters and endorsers from government, school and student / family settings. This site is not operated by the government. ExamRoot is an incorporated venture.

Do students only get to take one practice exam with my purchase?

Our exams configured and set at larger question sizes (e.g. 60 questions in Social Studies) are set-up to mirror the multiple choice, diploma exam format, as closely as possible. Once you purchase and finish this exam, you can come back and review. Students can pause an exam in the course of completing it, and return to finish where they left off! This is the same advantage that can be accessed by a student in a case such as a home internet connection being lost temporarily.

Who is ExamRoot?

ExamRoot is a division of Retrofit Learning Inc., a recently incorporated Alberta venture, owned and operated by a current, licensed, Alberta teacher. is the primary development foci of Retrofit at the present, supporting students by getting a full rehearsal before diploma day, and by independently or in class, reviewing answer explanations that get at the logic of how to look at a diploma question, as well as be able to deduce the correct or best answer from the availabel choices. ExamRoot endeavours to use funds from this venture for future educational projects to better support students in preparing for the most significant challenges we will face as humanity, now and in the future.