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Why ExamRoot?

Break Ground with ExamRoot! Get to the source of your learning!


  • Forget dusty, old, regurgitated questions from the cellar.
  • Every question is tied to a specific curricular outcome part of your post exam report
  • Designed to be like an actual diploma exam - a full rehearsal before the live performance; a full on scrimmage before game day
  • English multiple choice readings and questions -. You CAN study for Part B – ExamRoot can help!
  • Social Studies multiple choice exams with cartoons and other visual sources.
  • Access and review exams after completion. See the questions and curricular outcomes you find difficulty with.
  • Pause exams and log back in when you want to.

  • ExamRoot questions are a fresh crop of questions.
Every question is authentically made and sourced in Alberta.
  • ExamRoot is continually – even through the diploma exam stretch – adding questions and refining our database.