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The path for Alberta, high school practice exams. Get to the source of your exam preparation!

There are all sorts of reasons to study. You might need that mark to get into that university or lock up that scholarship. Maybe you just have a drive to succeed, or, you don’t want to take a course over. Another reason might be to just get your parents off your back. You deserve to attain the mark that reflects your efforts, and possibly, you just want to be better – at whatever.

Where you’re going and whatever you path you choose, the source of your journey is markedly influenced by your time in school. Whether you just need to “get through” a course or the subject is what you’re passionate about, exams happen. Diplomas happen.

ExamRoot is designed to help you get to where you want to go, and intellectually grow in the process. Preparation requires training. We have the training material based in diploma practice exams with full rationales created to get you as much of a sneak peak as possible of what the exams might look like.

  • Every question is tied to a specific curricular outcome – part of your post exam report
  • Designed to be like an actual diploma exam – a full rehearsal before the live performance; a full on scrimmage before game day.
  • English multiple choice readings and questions – you can study for Part B and ExamRoot can help!
  • Social Studies multiple choice exams with cartoons and other visual sources.
  • Access and review exams after completion – see the questions and curricular outcomes you find difficulty with.
  • Pause exams and log back in when you want to.
  • Continually increasing question quantities and refining our robust database – no dusty, regurgitated, not-quite-right looking questions.
  • Get that grade you need. Get the diploma practice exam source. ExamRoot.

Break ground with ExamRoot - get to the source of your learning!